Pitbull is chosen to endorse…again.

Bud Light has chosen Pitbull to endorse the brand in its new multicultural advertising campaign expected to hit off in the next couple of weeks.   The beer powerhouse known for its entertaining, outgoing and humorous personality has been a major player in the Hispanic market, but has recently taken some hits from competition; these hits have stimulated the brand to take action.  This endorsement underscores the mounting pressure on companies to remain relevant to various cultures at one time.

The campaign highlights the importance of multicultural advertising and its long-term benefits. Multicultural advertising is becoming increasingly important because the population of minority cultures is growing at an exponential rate.  Companies and organizations must seek ways to engage diverse audiences with single messages to decrease costs and drive sales.  Bud Light made a strategic move to employ Pitbull as their product endorser because he appeals to multiple audiences – the Hispanic culture and the millennial generation.  Previously, Pitbull has endorsed Kodak – and still does in his ultra-successful raps – and more recently has endorsed Dr. Pepper.   He oozes a charming appeal that the diverse audiences find relevant and meaningful to their lives. Advertisers and marketers alike should take a page out of Bud Light’s marketing book…. it’s a two-for-the-price-of-one success.